released and first impressions

Today got released!!!!!

I was eagerly waiting for this release. However I don't think I'm as excited after installing it.

Couple of changes, the world's largest service name is no longer there. Installer won't prompt for your support id anymore.

Workspace gets new look and feel (more Fusion feel)

New feature in Shared Services, where you can run provisioning report for a user by right clicking the user.

You can run diagnostics information in Planning

There are multiple artifacts available for monitoring. I ran diagnostics for Forms and found that it is is giving a status report.

You can search for specific forms.

What is not providing is how the form got a "Good" rating.

However "Grid Diagnostics" provides bit more information for forms.

This one has information on Load time, How many Unsuppressed Columns/Rows are there in the form, How many pages and What was the load time. That is a good information :)

I did see Custom Styles.

I did see Smart View saying there is a new version ( out there. However couldn't Smart View page still shows

I couldn't figure out where SandBox is so I decided to use the help file and seems like either help file is not updated or it is not there :(

No sandboxing (or I'm sleepy, maybe it is there and I cannot find it)

I didn't see Valid Combinations, I didn't see saving EXCEL formulas back to Planning.

Oh my god, I'm sleepy.

Will update you all later :)

NUMSys 3.0 - Native User Management System for Shared Services

The latest greatest NUMSys is here.

I'm really excited about this version, it took me a while to think about all the reports and of course to implement it.

This is the release which saw a bunch of updates.

You got new menus now :)

It tries to mimic most of the EXCEL functionality, with Copy and Paste you can now get data in and out of EXCEL (a big thanks to Mike Nader for this suggestion)

All the tables now allows you to perform multiple selections.

As you can see there is a Reports tab in NUMSys.

You can create a bunch of reports for documentation purpose.

  • User/Group Provisioning Report
  • Application Ownership Report
  • User/Group Comparison Report
  • User/Group Inheritance Report
  • User/Group Report

Provisioning Report

Provisioning report can generate an inheritance report along with user/group role.

It can plot upto 5 levels.

Application Ownership Report

Using this you can see which user is the owner of the application. Extremely useful in case of Essbase and Planning applications.

Comparison Report

Using this you can compare the users in app1 vs app2

This will generate two reports (app1 vs app2 and app2 vs app1) with the users in the application and the difference.

Inheritance Report

This is similar to provisioning report, this will plot the user/group's ancestral tree to 5 levels.

User/Group Report

This is the old documentation report which can report on all users/groups in all directories.

You can look at the help file for more details and I almost forgot the download link :)

You can download NUMSys 3.0 from here.

NUMSys 2.1 - Native User Management System for Shared Services

Happy New Year

I think I should share a New Year message that I received.



"Success" = "hardwork"+"determinations"+"lil luck";


I fell in love with that New Year Calc script :) Even my New Year wishes are calc scripts ;)

This post will introduce you to the Fourth Version of NUMSys (You can get the older versions from the "NUMSys" menu, why would you ;)) :)

In this version you can now specify which directory to search for User(s)/Group(s).

I'm working on a provisioning documentation module, which will provide a report on the provisioning inheritance. (Almost there, so that will be added to the next release)

A big shout of thanks to Cameron, for providing the idea. 

Well this is going to be different format though :)

You can download NUMSys 2.1 from here.

I keep hearing about the pain in producing a sensible SOX report. If someone out there is interested in providing the samples they produce for user access. I can try to add that in to the documentation module.

How to sort Planning Webform folders

Merry Christmas and to those who are not celebrating, Happy Holidays

It is hard to type without two fingers :( So I'll make this short. Oh, I cut two of my fingers within two weeks time frame, so it is an eventful vacation.

I've often heard this question about sorting webform folders. I'm not sure why this feature has not made into Planning yet.

There are different ways to achieve sorting of Webforms (1st the supported way and the next - the unsupported way).

Supported/Oracle recommended way

1. Export existing forms.
2. Create the folders in the order you need
3. Import the forms back

There were times where I couldn't make this work. I guess it was because I was not doing it right :(

Just for kicks :) I was looking for an option to see whether this can be achieved in an easier way.

What I'm going to describe below is an unsupported way, continue at your own risk ;)

1st step is to find out the object_id and the position of the folders

1. Object_id and position of the folders
You can use the above given SQL for that purpose.

Let's say the client want to make Forecast as last folder.

You can go the supported route and import the forms back, or you can update the position of Forecast.

Commit the changes and restart the services. Ta da

I'll be seeing you next year, so Happy New Year in advance.
Hope to see the Rise of Hybrid next year. (can't wait long)

Endeca Journey begins

Let's just say that I got courageous :) or someone convinced me to look beyond Essbase and Planning.

Now don't assume that you are going to see me talking all about Big Data and Data discovery, This is a post which I thought of sharing about my experience while playing with the installation and the issues I found while playing with it. (I could be because of my ignorance, I'm just two days old and there is a lot to learn)

You've to follow a certain sequence for installing Endeca Server, Studio and ETL server. This is well described in the installation guides, so I'm not going to cover that.

After following the instructions I installed Endeca Server, ETL Designer, ETL Server, and was happy about it. I started Endeca Server service and to add to the frustration it didn't start. (Here it comes)

A quick note - None of these are installed as a Windows service, I had to write the scripts to install them as Windows services. If the installer can handle this I would take that any time of the day.

Endeca Server issue

Endeca Server log file just keep growing every minute (or seconds) and the below given message is repeatdly recorded.

Mine is not a clustered  environment, and it was still trying to open the port associated with the cluster. After playing with EndecaServer.properties file I gave up and searched for the error in OTN and found that someone else had the exact same issue and the fix was to uninstall and re-install. I'm not a fan of fixing issues with uninstall and re-install, however I had a doubt that this could be something related to the install sequence.

I did uninstall and re-install Endeca server and guess what that solved the issue. 1 issue down.

Endeca Studio issue

Yeahhhhh, I got into Endeca studio and was customizing admin@oracle.com user (this is the default admin user that gets created). I did change the password and the email address. I continued with rest of the installation and guess what I forgot the email address I gave to admin user :(

For the life of me I cannot figure out what email address I gave. I do remember the password. If you end up in such a situation; here is what you can do.

Navigate to Endeca Studio domain (my domain location is given below)


There is a file called lportal.script, open this file with a text editor and navigate to the section where it says INSERT INTO USER_VALUES

You can see the username, email address and other details here. 2nd issue down :)

Endeca ETL Server issue

It's raining issues.......... :(

After installing ETL server, the license file needs to be updated. In order to do this you must create a property file (cloverServer.properties)and add this to the startWeblogic.cmd. I did add this as per install guide.

Tried to start the server and got the below given error.

Demi God Google has an answer to this.

It is not filed against Endeca. However if you see that error, it just means that something is wrong. Well at-least this is similar to Cannot send data, Receive data error in Essbase ;)

I went back and looked at the properties file and realized the mistake. I was using \ instead of /.
\ is considered as an escape character.

File corrected and started again. This time it complaining about DB connection!!!!

java.sql.SQLException: Cannot get working DB connection!

What!!! It never asked me to create one and it is complaining about a working DB connection. This one drove me crazy, however the answer was there in DataIntegratorServer.pdf

If you look under Examples of DB Connection Configuration, it says if you are using a properties file you should add the following entry. 


Well that should be there in the install guide.

Look under E:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\AzgardEndecaETLServer\databases and use the name of the Derby database (instead of cloverDb)created there. (This one is created by default)

Issues 3 and 4 down :)

Endeca IAS issue

If you are installing Integrator Acquisition System (IAS) then you'll see that ias-setup.bat went away after sometime, I was under an impression that it configured the domain. However it didn't. When I tried to start IAS using startWeblogic.cmd it complained about the usage of wrong garbage collection.

Unknown option or illegal argument: -XX:+UseParallelGC.
Please check for incorrect spelling or review documentation of startup options.

ias-setup.bat uses jrockit as the JDK and for jrockit you must use -Xgc:genpar instead of XX:+UseParallelOldGC

This can be changed in setIasEnv.cmd under E:\Oracle\Middleware\Endeca\IAS\3.1.0\bin

Issue 5 down.

Success!!!! I got my first ETL graph created, Sample data loaded to a data domain.

Hope it helps someone

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